She is not really a narrator that is reliable, is she. It is clear from her responses to Ki-tae’s rejection of her that just exactly just what she would like is HIM.

Yes, Se-ah is certainly not also pretending it might be accident but that does not negate the final objective: i am confident she actually is utilized to manipulating Ki-tae in their relationship making sure that is her solution now additionally. And she understands she can form teams with mother, too.

Imagine then Se-ah would go to his parents and say “hey, look, this is your grandchild! if they really would have a kid and

Exactly what a pity their moms and dads are not hitched i’m really sorry for Ki-tae’s mother for teaming up with Se-ah, because despite the fact that she is a master martyr and manipulator by herself original site, if Se-ah would marry Ki-tae, mother would lose him. As Ki-tae says, they are comparable and as they have a similar objective they are able to work very well together but at some time there is friction so that as Ki-tae’s spouse Se-ah would effortlessly ideal his mother.

Additionally, for Ki-tae perhaps not reacting more assertively to Se-ah stunts that are crazy i do believe that us understandable. He cares they almost married, after all and they had been friends long even before that and stayed friends afterwords for her a lot. He does not desire to harm her. We once had a buddy whom did increasingly more crazy things and We ignore it on for MONTHS before finally placing my foot straight straight down merely him and tried to understand him because I did not want to hurt. We frequently avoid confrontation just as much as we are able to.

We wonder why Ki-tae would always keep some body like Se-ah in the life, buddy or perhaps not. a broken engagement would alter relationships, and I also couldn’t imagine being cordial with my ex-fiance particularly if it found an awful and abrupt end just as in Se-ah and Ki-tae. I really could purchase their friendliness–if their figures had been various. But like exactly exactly just what girlfriday claims, no body is calling Se-ah down on her crazy bullshit, and that’s one thing i can not see through. I became the past guy standing because he had been my pal and I also wished to be dedicated and help him.

Wedding maybe perhaps not ep that is dating sub indo

And this really takes place. And simply as you I would personallynot need to be buddies with my ex but lot of individuals do. Thus I’m quite fine with this particular and I also can easily see why they truly are nevertheless buddies. Se-ah was Ki-tae’s buddy for a looong time so it is understandable because he didn’t want to hurt her any more than necessary that he didn’t want to ditch her completely after the break up, also. Se-ah, having said that, clearly simply returned just just how it once was and I also would argue that she believed that she could nevertheless keep Ki-tae for by herself.

Also at least he would not marry anyone else, either and so he would be hers in some way at least if he didn’t marry her. Also, they are peers and worked together on volunteer projects. THAT element of their relationship might be exactly just what kept them near one another, too. I do not purchase he had been the best option on her breast implants. Exactly What feminine would wish her present or ex do that? At their age, he undoubtedly cannot be probably the most experienced. We agree entirely in what you stated about Ki-tae’s response to Se-Ah. It had beenn’t plenty him being weak-willed and unassertive him trying to be considerate of her and what she used to mean to him as it was.