Ask LH: Can the Satellite is used by me Dish That Came With The House For television?

Hi Lifehacker, We recently bought a residence that included a dish antenna on the roof. What exactly are my choices using this antenna? It illegal to access a network without payment if I buy a receiver, is? My parents love viewing some shows that are overseas are you able to somehow access those stations? Many Many Many Thanks, Satellite Celebrity

You will find three reasons that are likely the satellite meal. It may are useful for getting “conventional” pay television solutions from Foxtel/Austar in a area where there clearly was no cable available. It may have now been set up to get into a worldwide pay television solution, although the two many noticeable providers of these in Australia (SelecTV and Ubi World television) are not any longer functioning. Or it could were installed to try to access channels that are free off worldwide television satellites.

The easiest method to check on would be to glance at the model quantity in the satellite meal (grab that ladder!) then Google it. Whether it’s a Foxtel receiver, you will have to pony up. Whether or not it’s a basic function satellite, maybe you are able to utilize it to seize international networks from satellite receivers, though availability differs widely. (It really is difficult to offer more certain advice without once you understand just what’s installed and your location.)

Finally, it really is unlawful to get into a pay tv community (Foxtel or elsewhere) without re re re payment. I am maybe maybe maybe not saying it is impossible, but it is an obvious and unequivocal situation of breaking what the law states. You desire those extra particular networks with a guarantee that is certain of, you must spend for them. They are perhaps not being produced for nothing.

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That is merely a sat meal with an LNB, there really should not be any explanation you cannot connect up a DVB-S decoder to decode the signals and power the LNB. I suppose it really is a Foxtel meal and pointing at the C1 sat, that I think has everything encrypted, but there is however absolutely nothing to stop you against finding out of the places of other satellites and tuning into your decoder to their transmissions.

And also as for checking the model quantity regarding the satellite. that will be described as a huge ladder.

the ladder was designed for the meal on the top!!

SS needs an extremely long ladder or great vision to be able to “look during the model number in the satellite.”

If it is a Foxtel receiver, you’ll need certainly to pony up Why. Just How would they know you had been deploying it. In terms of utilizing it to gain access to Foxtel, you would require the code/card and that means you’d require a merchant account. I do not understand why it might be unlawful to utilize the meal to get into other satellites that broadcast video clip. Most likely in the event that you desired, you can simply take it to your tip in addition they would not even understand. It when the contract was finished it’s not the responsibility of the next tenant/owner to look after it if they couldn’t be bothered to remove.

My gut feel is the fact that Foxtel meal would not provide for non-Foxtel content especially well.

That is absolutely a problem. We when asked an Austar technology about any of it, in which he pretty much verified it. Plus you would require one thing to get the broadcast with too. I became simply making the idea that you could without too much fear of prosecution if you wanted to, and were able to.

A satellite meal is really a sattelite meal, no matter which sat its pointing at. The LNB could be various, a frequency that is different instance and that means you have to match the LNB because of the receiver & sat regularity, and understand where you should aim the meal to get into different satellites. Some sats require a more impressive meal (higher gain) because they have weaker signal, plus in some areas of Australia even Foxtel/Austar make use of a 1.2m meal instead of a 90cm someone to offer an improved sign. The meal isn’t the antenna, it just reflects the sign on the antenna – the LNB (Low Noise Block downconverter – which converts the satellite regularity down seriously to the regularity accepted by the satellite receiver).

Under Australian legislation it’s unlawful to decode a signal that is scrambled/encoded such as for example Foxtel/Austar. Nevertheless the satellites additionally carry free-to-air signals such as for instance ABC, SBS, etc. You are able to decode these lawfully without a problem. There are more sats that carry other signals that are overseas (therefore legal and absolve to view), you merely must know which sat covers your local area, and where into the sky to aim the meal. You should buy an extremely inexpensive satellite finder on e-bay that can help you fine-tune the disk location, but you’ll probably require a compass to initially aim it when you look at the direction that is general.

this is simply not true. we have a huge package that is supposed for rural and local australia (but there are methods surrounding this) that we use to receive TV on that i have hooked up to an old foxtel outlet in Brisbane. it is the SAT that is same foxtel, therefore I have actually FTA via this box during my workplace (when I don’t have any antenna socket) and my spouse has foxtel within the lounge don’t worry about it.

the meal can be re-pointed sufficient reason for a box that is cheap at about $120 completely new and also less son ebay you may get all kinds of FTA stations. sets from Christian TV to language.

foxtel work fine for many FTA Ku musical organization networks. You shall perhaps perhaps perhaps not get C musical organization since these need the more expensive meals – ordinarily more than 2 meters.

Angus, i ordinarily respect your reporting however you are so far off the mark it shows here that a guess has been had by you and failed.

i’ve a vast field that is intended for rural and local australia (but there are methods surrounding this)

Which are the means for this if i am in Sydney metro?

travellers rego. it takes renewal every half a year but when they ask simply say you have got a caravan and do plenty of camping and now have a portable sat setup

Many Many Many Thanks! And I also don’t have to show We have a caravan.

nope. maybe maybe not at all. as a known matter of fact the entire thing can be achieved online and you do not also need certainly to talk with anybody. i have my box set to vic which means during daylight saving it’s an full hour ahead and provides me personally shows live (and throughout the summer time imparja broadcast all of the cricket matches)