Though a bit outdated , the concepts and ideas are extremely valid. Equal parts nostalgia, historical artifacts, and timeless wisdom. It is surprisingly refreshing to find out that Joel’s thoughts about how software should be developed nearly fifteen years ago have all been accomplished and further advanced. It is also funny to read about how Microsoft will lose the API wars but still stay strong . Most tech books get old and out-of-date with time.

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In particular, situations with unstable relationships and information of high importance not included in the model may suggest use of expert estimation. This assumes, of course, that experts with relevant experience are available. In my studies, outstanding executives used all types of humor more than average executives did, though they favored positive or neutral humor. But the point is not that more humor is always good or that positive humor is always better than negative, disparaging humor. In business, as in life, the key to the effective use of humor is how it’s deployed.

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  • The story you tell your users will be a memorable one.
  • This type of humor puts two objects together to create a humorous contrast.
  • This type of humor makes it easier for people to understand the point you’re trying to make.
  • When it comes to using mascots in digital products, it’s vital to make them a natural part of a user journey.
  • For this reason, it can be beneficial to add bits of humor to elements of your storytelling, such as in the imagery on your landing page.

But do pay closer attention to how you use humor, how others respond to your humor, and the messages you send. Female executives in this research consistently used more humor than their male counterparts, but men used more put-down humor. Researchers have shown that in interpersonal relations, men tend to assert rather than downplay status differences, while women do the opposite. Although people of both sexes use humor largely to build bridges, some organizational psychologists believe that for men, put-down humor may also be a way to establish and maintain hierarchical status.

Formal estimation models not tailored to a particular organization’s own context, may be very inaccurate. Expert estimation is on average at least as accurate as model-based effort download PES 2012 estimation.

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However I learned plenty of stuff from Joel on Software and enjoyed the author’s humour and approach on many topics. The most robust finding, in many forecasting domains, is that combination of estimates from independent sources, preferable applying different approaches, will on average improve the estimation accuracy.